Speaking Voice Exercises to Develop a Deep Bass Voice

Published: 08th January 2010
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More often than not, how you say something is more noticeable-and more important-than what you say when you are talking. Yes, it may seem strange, but this holds true in almost every situation. Particularly, your voice often has more impact than your message to your listeners. And if you want to gain respect, confidence, and attention from the people you are talking with, you will benefit much from doing speech voice exercises.

One of the most popular exercises to develop a deep bass voice involves breathing deeply. This speech voice exercise makes the diaphragm stronger. To do the exercise, you need to breathe in from your diaphragm, forcing your stomach up. Hold your breath for about 4 seconds and then breathe out, also for about 4 seconds. The exercise is done for six times every day. You need to be persistent with your speech voice exercises. That is the key to success.

Forcing air out of your lungs is also an effective way to make your voice sound better. Try comparing the voice that comes from your throat or vocal chords and that from your lungs or diaphragm. There's a difference, right? The former is squeaky, while the other is fuller. Now, try to say a long "yeeeeh" while bringing down your voice to the lowest tone you can produce. During this exercise, your voice will vibrate at three different directions: your nose, your throat, and down at your chest. If your voice resonates at your chest, then you are more likely to produce a deep bass sound.

Speech voice exercises help you improve your breathing so that your voice comes out as a rich, full, and deep sound.

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