Make Your Voice Sound Good to Impress People

Published: 08th January 2010
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Yes, you may look good. But do you sound good? It's not just looks that count. Even an ugly man with a suave, sexy voice can attract women. Many American men have high-pitched voice, and this is considered an embarrassment in many social situations. If you're one of them, you have several ways to end that suffering and make your voice sound good.

How do you make your voice sound more powerful and authoritative? There are several methods that can help you deepen your voice and improve its tone. One effective way is to perform some voice exercises that enhance your breathing control and develop your voice into a manly one. You may also opt to take speaking voice lessons or deep voice training.

A speaking voice coach can provide you with many tips on how to make your voice sound good. There are also manuals and self-help books that you can read to gain techniques on improving your vocal tone.

A deep, resonant voice gives you a lot of benefits, especially when it comes to your career and personal relationships. That quality of voice opens a lot of opportunities for career growth, as you project the image of a strong and driven leader. Even during job interviews, you're more likely to be hired if your voice doesn't show any sign of weakness or feebleness. As for your relationships, you gain a confidence boost with a deeper voice especially when having a chat with your friends. Girls will be drawn to you because you don't only look like a real man-you sound like one, too.

All these advantages you can enjoy if you're able to make your voice sound good.

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