Improve Voice Tone - Techniques to Make Your Voice Deeper

Published: 11th January 2010
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Are you surprised that up to this moment, you have not landed the job of your dreams? Sure, you think you have done it all: you dressed to your best on the day of the interview, you came to the venue ahead of the scheduled time, you brought all the requirements and you answered all the interviewer's questions accurately. You even smiled at the interviewer and ended your conversation with her with a firm handshake. Yes, everything seems to be perfect except for that small, childish voice that mismatches your very manly personality. Because of your tone, you didn't sound convincing at all. Therefore, you were not hired.

It's about time that you stumble upon a great idea: improve voice tone. Transform your voice into something deep and crisp that will leave your interviewer very much amazed.

Here are a few tips to improve voice tone:

• If you are indeed rich or financially capable, then opt for a surgery. Those who have tried it say that these procedures are really worth your cash.

• If you have money yet you don't have enough cash to go for an operation, then go for some health teas instead. These teas are quite efficient yet the change is only minimal. But this way will surely fit your budgets.

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