Improve Voice Tone - Achieve A Deep Tone

Published: 11th January 2010
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Some say it's magic, but actually, it's not: a deep, full voice is a man's tool in keeping everyone impressed. This type of voice is very convincing and pleasant to the ear, and one is lucky enough to possess such tone. Try talking to a female who's very furious with you and the moment you utter explanations to her, before you knew it, she already have forgiven you. Whether in transactions, job opportunities public speeches, sales talking or simply just encouraging a friend through a chit-chat, having deep tones will always be your advantage.

You, too, can acquire the same tone and own that charisma these lucky men possess. There are ways to improve voice tone. Deep voice is a trend that remains to be a classic. Squeaky tones may sound small but it is definitely not cute.

Here is a true-to-life story that will prove that you have the power to improve voice tone:
Mike London Coo was a nerdy male during his teens. He was thin, had thick glasses and had that geeky voice that completes his dweeb appearance. Due to his appearance, he was either ignored or he was being poked at by bullies. He wanted some change and he started on the enhancement of his tone. By further research, he discovered a very easy procedure that made his tone crisp-sounding after a few days. After that method, he gained a low-pitched voice. Life was never the same again for Mike after changing his voice and physical attributes: he had girls swooning on his feet and he was considered as a cool dude; all thanks to that process he discerned.

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