How To Make Your Voice Sound Deeper - And Command Respect!

Published: 05th August 2009
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It's hard to feel confident about yourself if you sound like Mickey Mouse. You become an object of ridicule. It's even worse when you're to trying to ask for a date; getting turned down repeatedly can be devastating. Isn't it time you did something about it? Here are a few things you can do to make your voice sound deeper. Remember that the underlying principle behind these tips is that the muscles of the larynx, which produce the voice, have to be relaxed in order to produce a deeper sound.

First, get enough sleep. Notice how when you wake up after a good night's sleep your voice sounds deeper? That's because your larynx muscles have also had a good rest and are relaxed. So forget those late nights and get your six, seven or eight hours of zzz's. You can also try rubbing a mentholated rub on your upper chest before you turn in to further relax your vocal cords.
Second, reduce stress from your life. When you are too stressed, your vocal cords become too tight, making your voice sound higher. Try practicing some mediation techniques to help you deal with stress better.

Third, tape record yourself first thing in the morning, when your voice is at its lowest, and practice making your voice sound like that. These are just a few of many techniques to make your voice sound deeper.

As a last resort and a quick fix, try scream singing. You know how heavy metal gods scream out the lyrics of their songs and scream and growl? Do some of that, but very carefully and in moderation. You definitely do not want to damage your voice.

If you practice these tips on how to make your voice sound deeper religiously, you will surely see a lot of improvement. But the most important tip of all: project self-confidence and speak with conviction and you will get the deeper voice you desire.

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