How To Make Your Voice Better Naturally

Published: 08th January 2010
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Have you ever seen how newscasters and reporters deliver their reports on TV? Have you ever listened to how music DJ's give you the latest news about who's topping the chart list? If your answer is yes, then you may have noticed how good they are in delivering their statements to the public. A strong and clear voice signifies strength of character, confidence in what you are saying and sociability and openness. These are a few reasons why they are being watched and listened to by many. Ever wondered on how to sound as good as these TV reporters? Here are some useful instructions on how to make your voice sound better.

First you need to condition your vocal chords by means of exercising it. There are several books and instructional videos out in the market which feature appropriate exercises of the vocal chords. Exercising your voice box regularly will tone up its muscles and help produce clearer and better sounds. In line with this, keep your voice box from becoming dry to avoid damages to the cartilage. Avoid smoking, as this is one of the leading causes of voice box trauma.

Drink warm tea everyday to soothe and relax your throat muscles - avoid drinking extremely hot or cold beverages. Try to sit or stand straight when talking to make sure that the airway is not impeded in any way. Speak in a well-modulated voice, try to become aware if you are speaking too loudly or softly - observer your listener if he is almost putting his ear closely just to hear you or not.

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