How To Improve Your Voice - Specialized Deepening Techniques

Published: 08th January 2010
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A squeaky, high-pitched voice sounds cute if you're a young girl or a voice talent for a cartoon series. However, if you're a man in your late 20s or older, having such a quality of voice may not sound just right for others. And if you're trying to impress a girl, man, that is a real turn-off! You've got to learn how to improve your voice and make it sound manly rather than girly.

A common misconception about developing a deeper voice is that medications can do the trick. Although they seem like the easy way out, medicines are not always necessary. How to improve your voice without resorting to medication? A deep, manly voice can be developed using certain types of vocal exercises, most of which involve the diaphragm and other muscles in the throat.

But before you take steps in deepening your voice, you must have an idea first on what your vocal tone is. In doing so, you can set a realistic goal and timeframe for improving your voice. The three general types of voice are light, medium, and deep. Regardless of your vocal tone, it's possible to make your voice deeper.

One of the most effective vocal exercises is using a candle, which you place at a spot where you can blow its flame. The aim of the exercise is to increase your ability to blow the candle at the farthest area possible, thus leading to a lower voice. Perform the candle exercise regularly, moving the candle a little farther from you each day. As days pass by, you will notice how far the candle can get and you're still able to blow it. The result? An improvement in the tone of your voice and better chance of attracting girls! This is just one of the many techniques available on how to improve your voice.

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