How to Improve my Voice: Essential Information on Developing a Deep Voice

Published: 08th January 2010
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Do you want to sound manly like that of the news anchor you see on TV everyday? Having a deep bass voice boosts confidence. It gives you an authoritative image, not to mention that this voice tone helps you in persuading and inspiring people. And the best part of having a deep, low-pitched voice is that it makes you irresistible to many girls. Sounds great, right?

How to improve my voice, you might ask? Making your voice sound deeper does not happen overnight, but it is possible. First, you must understand how your voice tone is produced. The small muscles called the vocal chords, which are found in the throat, are responsible for producing and resonating or vibrating the sound. The resonance or vibration becomes the tone that slips out of your mouth as you speak. Thus, the quality of the vocal tone depends on how well your vocal chords perform.

A number of vocal exercises can help you develop a deeper voice. The secret to timbre voice is conditioning the vocal chords so that it can resonate or vibrate well. Tight and tensed vocal chords lead to a high-pitched, squeaky voice. Simple speaking voice exercises aim to loosen your vocal chords, make them longer, and relax the voice box. The result? A lower voice tone that will surely make you an attractive man.

Achieving your desired voice tone requires time and a bit of hard work. Once you get a deeper voice, you'll no longer ask yourself how to improve my voice, but which girl to take home!

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